Your Spring Skin Care Regime

Spring Skin Care

Well it may be hard to believe winter will ever end, but spring will be here before you know it. This year, while you are busy getting yourself into shape for those revealing warm-weather fashions, take a little time to think about your skin care program. Warm, humid weather and sunshine call for a different skin care plan than the one that got you through the harsh winter conditions. The good news is that adapting your beauty regimen for warmer weather isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Follow these guidelines for beautiful skin throughout the spring and summer months.

Banish Oily Skin

The combination of heat and high humidity can act like a sauna and increase your skin’s oil production. To prevent this, thoroughly wash your face with a gentle facial wash. Follow through with a daily moisturiser that has an SPF of at least 30.

Say Goodbye to Dull Winter Skin

Spring has many pleasures, not the least of which is the chance to shed that dull, dry skin that has plagued you all winter. Exfoliation is the key to rejuvenating your skin for the summer months. Use a gentle exfoliation product two or three times each week during the warmer months. It’s natural to focus on your facial skin, but don’t neglect the rest of your body. Exfoliation is good for other areas, too. After you polish away that dull winter skin, apply a daily body moisturiser. For a touch of summer colour, choose a self tanning moisturiser, such as St.Tropez Gradual Tan Body Lotion.


You know your body needs extra water during the warmer seasons, but did you know your skin needs it too? Outdoors, wind and sun attack your skin and dry it out. Indoors, air conditioning can be just as hard on your skin. So make it a priority to drink plenty of water. You might also add a hydrating mask or toner to your daily skin care program.

Eat Properly

Believe it or not, what you eat can make a huge difference in your skin’s health. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, so make sure you eat a proper diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Your skin will thank you for your efforts for many years to come.

Protect Your Skin

Summer wouldn’t be half the fun if you had to spend it indoors. However, while you are enjoying the outdoor fun of warm weather, don’t forget to protect your skin from its worst enemy. Sun exposure causes skin damage that can age you long before your time. Forget the anti-aging serums and creams and reach for a body moisturiser that provides an SPF of at least 30.