Spring clean your beauty collection

Spring Clean Make Up

Spring cleaning is for more than just your home. Spring is also a great time to go through your beauty supplies and clean out the old, useless and unneeded. Nobody like spring cleaning, so today we would like to give you a hand cleaning out that beauty drawer, bag or suitcase.

Say goodbye to expired makeup

Women all over the world are guilty of one terrible sin. We act like hoarders with our beauty products until there is simply no more room for them. The why we do this is not nearly as important as they why we shouldn’t. Expired beauty products can cause health issues like skin irritations and eye infections or simply not work as well as they should.

While some beauty products seem to last forever, others have a limited shelf life. Here is a quick and handy guide to these shelf lives:

6 months – liquid eyeliner
12 months – nail polish and lip liner
12-18 months – concealer and blush (cream)
18 months – powder, blush, bronzer, eye shadow, eyeliner (non-liquid), lip gloss, lipstick

Different Seasons Mean Different Routines

It’s no secret that different seasons bring about different skin care needs and issues. This is not only true for spring, but all season changes. Now is a great time to reassess your skin’s needs and change your routine accordingly. Your winter moisturiser may not work as well in the dry summer heat. When the weather gets warmer, more skin gets to see the sun. This means moisturising more than just your face daily. Make sure your moisturiser has an SPF of at least 30.
Tools of the Trade

Looking your best requires more than just makeup and beauty products. It requires loofahs, brushes and so many more beauty tools. There isn’t a need to simply toss and replace all of these tools. Sure, some things will need to be replaced for sanitary reasons, but others can just use a good cleaning.

Things you use every day that can collect germs, bacteria and other nasties should be changed at regular intervals. Toothbrushes should be changed out at least every three months. The same goes for that new loofah you just bought. Loofahs and sponges made with natural materials should be replaced more often due to a higher chance of bacteria collection.

There are some things you can simply clean up. A high-quality makeup brush can last a long time with a little regular cleaning. When bristles begin falling out or the brush seems too stiff after cleaning. then it may be time to replace it.