Should You Go Darker Or Lighter This Winter?

ST Tropez Winter

Getting a winter tan is a simple process, but you must get a tan that is appropriate for the fashion season. People who tan regularly are not getting the same tan every year, and you must choose between a dark or light tan this year. This article explains how you can go dark or light depending on your personal style.

#1: Your Personal Wardrobe

Your personal wardrobe should guide the tan you get this year. You may find yourself closet filled with dark clothing and dark tones. Dark clothing and dark tones should not be met with a heavy self tan. You must use a very light self tan that will help you get the sun-kissed look that works well with your dark clothing.

A closet that is filled with light clothing and pastels should be paired with a much darker tan. Your skin will appear to glow when you are wearing light colours, and your body will look amazing in a light swimsuit. Look through your closet before going to the salon for your tanning appointment.

#2: Your Makeup

Ladies who come to the salon to tan must consider the makeup they wear every day. The modern woman has a look she prefers for the day and another for the night. Look at the colours you use on your face every day before you go to your self tanner. A woman who prefers dark shades on her face may want to use a light tan on her body. You do not want to overwhelm the colours you are using in your makeup, but a woman who prefers light colours may contrast her makeup with a much darker tan.

#3: The Destination

Ladies who vacation often will get some colour of their own when they leave town. A light tan is all that is needed before going on a long trip, but a lady who does not get very much sun may use a St.Tropez Dark Bronzing Mousse tanner to improve her look.

The sun-kissed glow that a lady gets from her self tan is something all women will envy. You must compare your tan to your clothing, your makeup and the amount of sun you get before making a decision. Every self tan should match a lady’s needs, and you can easily determine those needs using the steps above. These steps culminate in a complete look that will last through the winter season.