Fast Track Your Summer Bod

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Summer will be here before you can blink! And we all know the best way to flaunt your faux glow is with a fit summer bod. Now is the time to start getting your body bikini ready just in time for summer. Taking a gradual approach to your diet and exercise regime, will give your body enough time to adjust to the changes. After all, an exercise program can cause sore muscles, which could prompt you to take a day off from the routine. A slower process is easier to follow and will not jeopardise your normal day-to-day activities. You do not need to starve yourself but should adjust your diet by including more fruits and vegetables while also reducing your intake of sugars.


An exercise program should not be limited to the specialised equipment at a gym. Free weights are convenient for use at home while watching videos and spending time with your family. If the weather is unpleasant, then you may be discouraged about going to a gym. You should remove all obstacles that will prevent you from enjoying and completing your workouts. The exercises should be targeted at problem areas, such as thighs or abdomen, which will strengthen those areas and will also make future exercise efforts much easier.


If you increase your walking distance each day, then you will benefit from the additional exercise that will increase your endurance. You could park in the back row and walk further to stores. The remote control could be stored in a drawer while you walk to change the television channels. If you avoid elevators and use the stairs, then you will benefit from exercise that is very close to a cardio. Precautions should be used with exercises that increase the heart rate or strain muscles because injuries are serious and will delay your exercise program.


The purpose of a diet is to reduce calories and to eat more nutritious meals such as vegetarian pizza on flat bread. Some foods are very low in calories and also contain several vitamins. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, beta-carotene and have a low caloric content. A new diet should not include less food but should include a different variety of foods such as broccoli with unsweetened mustard sauce.


Water is important for metabolic functions and can be used to replace soft drinks and fruit juices. If you like to drink tea, then you should consume more foods that contain iron because tea can block the absorption of iron in your body. Flavoured water and popcorn are excellent snacks that have bulk for controlling hunger cravings. Five or six small meals each day can be used to space the supply of nutrients for your body.