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How To Tan For a First Date

If you’re anticipating an exciting upcoming first date with someone you may truly like, then you understandably want to make sure that your tan looks perfect for the big night. This is why it’s so critical to properly prepare your tan in advance. Otherwise, you could end up truly regretting it. Although it may seem […]

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Gradual Tan Bottle Shot

How to get a tan in three minutes

St. Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion Application Getting tan and beautiful no longer has to be a dull and time-consuming process thanks to the Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion from St. Tropez. If you’d like to get an enviable bronze glow in merely three minutes, this self tanner can help you accomplish that with […]

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Gradual Tan In Shower

The NEW Gradual Tan In Shower: How does it work?

You’ve probably heard a little bit of buzz around the new St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower. A world first tanning product which can be applied directly to wet skin, in the shower, showcases some pretty astonishing technology around tanning. But how exactly does it work? We hear you! So let’s get started… The St.Tropez Gradual […]

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Black Swimsuit

Fast Track Your Summer Bod

Summer will be here before you can blink! And we all know the best way to flaunt your faux glow is with a fit summer bod. Now is the time to start getting your body bikini ready just in time for summer. Taking a gradual approach to your diet and exercise regime, will give your […]

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ST Tropez Peace Small

Common tanning mistakes & how to avoid them

The days of lying out in the sun for hours for sun-kissed skin are long gone. Thanks to the invention of self tanning products, you can now get that same healthy glow from the comfort of your own homes. However, we’ve all heard some horror stories of when tanning goes a little awry. Lucky for […]

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Spring Clean Make Up

Spring clean your beauty collection

Spring cleaning is for more than just your home. Spring is also a great time to go through your beauty supplies and clean out the old, useless and unneeded. Nobody like spring cleaning, so today we would like to give you a hand cleaning out that beauty drawer, bag or suitcase. Say goodbye to expired […]

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Spring Skin Care

Your Spring Skin Care Regime

Well it may be hard to believe winter will ever end, but spring will be here before you know it. This year, while you are busy getting yourself into shape for those revealing warm-weather fashions, take a little time to think about your skin care program. Warm, humid weather and sunshine call for a different […]

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Instant Tan – Instant Reviews

St. Tropez Instant Tan is an instant success where users are concerned. This no-commitment twenty-four hour tan creates gorgeous color – for one night only. Featuring our unique Rainmac Technology™, this product is not only easy to apply, it is also both water and transfer resistant. There are two color choices: the golden glow of […]

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St Tropez Winter Tanning Tips

Should You Go Darker Or Lighter This Winter?

Getting a winter tan is a simple process, but you must get a tan that is appropriate for the fashion season. People who tan regularly are not getting the same tan every year, and you must choose between a dark or light tan this year. This article explains how you can go dark or light […]

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